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Supporting change in the relationship with food and drink

I have been a Nutritional Health Coach specialising in your relationship with food and drink since 2017. I focus on understanding your emotional model and the function of the problematic behaviour. Together, we look at the triggers, the resulting behaviours with food and drink, and the payoffs or reinforcing consequences of those behaviours. Through psycho-education, guidance and nurturing, I help you identify the costs of staying the same. Then, armed with the reasons for change, I help you build confidence in your ability to take action to make new choices with your behaviours with food and drink. 
The success of this comes from developing new skills. Working on the building blocks of living by your chosen values with the associated behaviours, setting boundaries and protecting your energy, learning strategies to ground you so you can effect change.  Done with a very considered, manual, and compassionate manner. It takes some time and requires practice and normalising the mistakes along the way to master these new skills.
The Vulnerable Truth

This is my life's work

My passion and motivation to launch Change Talk Coaching come from my lived experience with trauma. I experienced ongoing mental abuse, being built up and torn down within my narcissistic family of origin. I also suffered several episodes of sexual assault in my childhood by people I knew and relied on.
After one particularly traumatic encounter, I stopped eating and developed bulimia, a crude and complicated food disorder. Never allowing me to discuss or disclose the trauma, the family preferred to keep up appearances rather than admit to the toxic shame.
As I got older, I used alcohol to numb my wounds and hid behind a ‘false self’ to escape my pain, creating a path of destruction and self-loathing behaviour.  Working with my own coach/therapist, I pushed through a pretty spectacular personal transformation and will proudly tell you that I’m in love with the woman I am today.   Undoubtedly, my profoundly complex trauma history generated a thirst for knowledge and drive to help other trauma affected women have a better human experience. And I know this is my life’s work!
360 Degree exposure 

History with Food

Overcoming my abuse is just one of my victories. Transforming my career from a telecommunications sales and marketing leader to a restaurateur in 2012, I made my longtime dream a reality. I opened my award-winning restaurant in Singapore, creating food that my customers adored.
After the restaurant underwent a painful and devastating closure, part of my ‘Life MBA’, another door opened into the complex world of food chemicals, creating concepts for leading global food brands. Looking behind the scenes at what goes into our food today and linking it to our global health crisis inspired me to retrain and move into nutritional health coaching. I’m determined to educate and motivate people to make healthier food choices.
My motivation and dedicated spirit now are to help others who have suffered in silence, like I did. I work to normalise the discussion of trauma and to help other women feel connected and have a happier, more confident and somewhat wiser human experience.
My advanced studies

Every day is a school day

I’ve earned the following credentials, which provide a knowledge base that I draw from in coaching women:
  • Master's in Food and Wine Branding and Management.
  • Nutritional Health Coaching Diploma - Specialising in food as medicine, bio-individuality, eating modalities, mental health through food.
  • Certificate in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), specialising in depression and anxiety.
  • Certificate in Trauma-Focused ACT (TFACT).
  • Certificate in Motivational Interviewing (MI), specialising in alcoholism and addiction.
  • Certificate in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), specialising in mindfulness, acceptance and change skills.
  • Executive Coaching Certificate.
Products and services

Coach. Author. Speaker

I have several coaching packages available to support you after the course is completed. 
  • You can pay for a book a convenient time for your next coaching session line - when you push that button. 
I’m a keynote speaker and available for events and functions.
I am an author of
  • MASTER: Your Relationship with Food and Drink - coming in February 2024
  • HIP: 7 Ways to Transform Recovery
  • MIND: A Smart Way to Heal -  Post Surgery Mindfulness Strategies
  • The Hubby Diary: Getting Your Husband Organised at Home
Change Talk Coaching

Why I did this?

There is a systemic issue of drinking and eating irregularities, which directly correlates to an abusive experience's impact on a woman.
A problem we face in our communities is that people who have never experienced physical, mental or sexualised trauma underestimate the effects on the victims in the short and long term. And then some perhaps know something about this and yet have this entirely backward. Women affected aren't just those in lower social, economic, or indigenous communities - it happens in every community, every street, postcode and pay grade. So women suffer in silence, suppress their emotions and create destructive behaviours with food and drink. It is more a case of "envy someone until their front door."


To give women access to an online learning platform, to help them accept who they are today, and challenge their status quo. By providing them with specialised education here, they can identify the values they want to live by and make discerning choices for their health and well-being moving forward.


My mission is to reach all those women who are afraid to get help, can't afford working the a therapist or coach for years, and feel ashamed and unable to talk about their struggles. My ambition is to combat the stigma of trauma head-on and break the silence on the effects of these adverse experiences on our food and drink choices.

The Movement

The world has changed; the MeToo Movement has phenomenally broken the glass barrier of what happens to women behind closed doors. Now is the time to drill down and reach these women who suffer in plain sight.

What to learn more about what I do

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Check out my website for details on my personalised coaching packages, published books and blogs.  

MAKING ROOM for difficult thoughts and feelings

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Be the WOMAN you want to be

I am going to help you take back control of your choices and take committed action

Creating CHANGE in your behaviours

I will help you to live the life that you that you’ve wanted, that feels right

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