8-Week Course

Master Your Relationship
With Food and Drink

Learn the tools to change your automatic behaviour with food and drink, and to make smart choices, living within your values.
Lesson series

Master your relationship with food and drink

Supporting trauma-affected women, understand their emotional model, and what triggers them into automatic behaviours with food and drink. The course offers strategies on how to unhook yourself in an emotion storm, identify the values you want to live by, and how to make the right choices of food and drink to live the life you aspire to have.
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Eight-Week Course

  • A retrospective view on why automotive behaviours happen with food and drink relating to trauma.
  • Establishing the values and behaviours to live your life by with conscious choices.
  • Techniques on how to ground yourself when you get triggered by unwanted feelings.
  • Looking ahead - a planning process on how to effect sustainable change relevant to you.

What's Included

  • Each module has 2 - 3 hours of learning. 
  • A series of videos (1 min - 6 mins duration).
  • Downloadable PDFs - for deeper information about each topic. 
  • A series of self-assessments to help you understand what is important to you and what you want.
  • A reflection journal at the end of each module.
  • There is a download e-book for each module that include all the course learning materials and assessment questions.

Your Access

  • Eight weeks with 8 modules. One module released each week, notifications via email.
  • One module is released per week. 
  • After the last module is released, you will have an additional four weeks of access to the course.
  • Course access is via your desktop or mobile device (mobile or ipad).
  • You can download the mobile app on Google Play and the Apple Store. 

Supporting the Course

  • Participate in the online forum, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, get help with your studies.
  • Join the Private Facebook Group for more community, shared learning, and more live sessions with me.
  • Book in for One to One Coaching after you completed the course to keep evolving and practicing your skills.

A key component of this course

  • Powerful Self Assessment Learning

    In each module you will be given a series of self assessments. Asking you evoking questions about
    • What is important to you?
    • Help you break down automatic behaviours?
    • Connect to how the four domains of your life have an influence on your relationship with food and drink.
    • Read each of your answers out aloud so you hear your own words, your own choices.
    Note: The four life domains the course focuses on: Relationships, work (vocation), physical and mental health, and exercise.


Relevant information to help you understand your cycles of automatic behaviours

Nurturing and Guidance

Building a tool box of techniques to balance you in emotional storms

Evoking Questions

Connecting to what is important to you, and your needs in order to make the meaningful changes 

Your Words

Reading your answers aloud. When you hear what you say, you believe it, therefore the choice is yours
"The beauty about doing this course is you can do all of this work behind closed doors, in your safe place." 
Fleur Elizabeth

Learn how to GROUND yourself

To stop you from being pushed around in an emotional storm

Get used to making CHOICES every day

By consciously choosing to living by your values, this becomes easy 

Get ready to set beautiful BOUNDARIES

I am going to help you to observe, listen and trust your gut 

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